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Positivity through Pregnancy & Birth
Perhaps instead of asking, "how are you feeling", we should be asking mamas, "how are you coping? How can I help you adapt? What's getting to you the most, and what can I do to help you adjust to this?"
The Art Of New Parenting
Even if you have a little person who does what might be considered a relatively good stretch of sleep overnight, caring for a newborn is all consuming and not just physically tiring but emotionally draining too. It is fair to say that you can be the best read, most informed new parent, but you never know what kind of baby you are going to have and what their needs may be. 
Easy, Breezy Snoozes In Bamboo
Selecting the right type of summer sleep solution starts at the fabric level. Cool, breathable, and light fabrics are a must for summer snoozes. Bamboo is one of the best summer - and baby-friendly - textiles to use.
Help! My Baby Won’t Sleep Without A Swaddle!
Many new parents choose to use a swaddle to help their newborn baby sleep and those who do absolutely swear by it! By swaddling your baby you’re mimicking the natural safe feeling your baby was used to in the womb, it also has the added benefit of reducing crying and preventing those common startle movements which often suddenly wake your baby whilst sleeping.
Our Simple Summer Sleep Solutions
As a parent to a little bub, you know there’s one thing longer than the days - it’s the sleepless nights. Making sure your little one gets enough sleep enables you to, too. That’s why we’ve created the sweetest summer sleep solutions.
My baby will only sleep in my arms; I am so worried about this.
I am a big advocate of always meeting your newborn where they are at, and to understanding that they have been held in-utero for 9 months and so they do gravitate towards that type of holding- both physically and emotionally. I feel that even acknowledging this as a stage can make the living of this period, easier for everyone.
Real Parent Stories with Jeff
Meet Jeff, who lives in Los Angeles, California. Jeff works with special needs kids at a local high school and is a brand new dad. His little one is 4 and a half months old.
10 Surprising & Fascinating Things About Birth
Pregnancy is such an exciting time for you and your co-pilot as you prepare to meet your little one - but what’s even more remarkable is the birth itself! Read on to find out 10 fascinating and surprising things you might not know about birth from the experts at Tiny Hearts Education.
Dressing your baby for sleep this summer
Wondering how to dress your bub now that the weather is warming up? Don’t worry – you’re not the only one! 
Swaddling Myths
Hear some various scare stories about swaddling and why they are just myths and totally incorrect for you and your baby.
Real Mum Stories: With Cyah
Meet Cyah Flynn. A 21-year-old mum in the UK with five-month-old Felix, who previously studied A Foundation in Art and then worked in healthcare. Hear her thoughts on Felix being born and her use of Love To Dream™ swaddles.
Real Mum Stories: With Rebecca
Hear from Rebecca a stay at home 24 year old mum living in the UK with two beautiful sons and her thoughts on swaddes, parenting and the changes in her life with children.
Helping your baby sleep with a cold Katie Hilton
Luckily most of the time your baby gets a cold it will be mild and harmless, however it can really play havoc with everyone’s sleep and make both you and your baby pretty miserable. Thankfully, there are a number of techniques you can use to try to help your baby to sleep better.
Why, When & How to Transition your Baby From Swaddling
Part 2 from Edwina Sharrock, founder of Birth Beat, who now runs through the why, when and how for transitioning your baby out of swaddling.
Why, When & How to Swaddle Your Newborn baby with Love to Dream
Learn from Edwina Sharrock, founder of Birth Beat, a registered midwife and nurse who runs through the why, when and how for swaddling newborns.
Coping with Sleep Deprivation
On average, parents get less than 59% of the recommended 8 hours sleep a night in the first twelve months after having a baby according to a recent study by sleep technology brand Simba. This equates to 50 nights sleep...
Real Mum Stories: With Elle, A Bloggers Beauty
I’m Elle a blogger from Kent, the garden of England. I started out blogging about beauty, lifestyle and travel but now also write about mum and baby things too. My little Evelyn is just 10 weeks old but it seems like she’s 10 weeks going on 10 months! They grow so quick!
Help! My Baby Won’t Sleep Without A Swaddle!
Many new parents choose to use a swaddle to help their newborn baby sleep and those who do absolutely swear by it! But what happens when it’s time to move on from swaddling? This is where your journey with Love To Dream™ really becomes valuable!
Our funniest sleep deprivation stories
Hear our best sleep deprivation stories from everyday mums. From car key mishaps and feeding situations. We're sharing a few of our favourite ones to make you laugh.
Real Parent Stories with Jess
Meet muma Jess and her little four-month Darcey. They live in a tiny town called Tullibigeal in New South Wales Australia. Hear how she found her routine and her experience with using LOVE TO DREAM™.
My Child is Petrified of Going to Bed
Getting a young baby or child to sleep can be one of the most stressful things a parent can do - especially if the young one has different ideas! I have cared for many, many parents where poor sleep is a major stressor in the family.