EcoVero™ Collection with Certified Eco-Responsible Materials

With what we know about global environmental issues, it is paramount that we keep developing new and improved methods for the production of our garments that are centred on sustainability and eco-responsible practices.

In line with this ethos, Love to Dream are excited to introduce a new line of gorgeous sleepwear layers with the fabric LENZING EcoVero. This is made from viscose fibres, derived from bamboo, with a production process that has a significantly lower environmental impact than regular viscose.  

Ecovero Swaddle Up
EcoVero Transition Bag
EcoVero Romper

 Three Fast Facts about 

Lenzing EcoVero

1. The producer, Lenzing, is a global leader in environmental standards 

This fabric is made from wood and pulp sourced by industry leader in eco-responsible wood sourcing and production, Lenzing. It has been certified as a renewable wood source and comes from sustainably managed forests selected by Lenzing, who have supply chain transparency.

2. EcoVero has a much lower water impact

Water is required for the process of producing viscose, but the water impact from making EcoVero is reduced by up to 50%. Water used in production is then treated and purified before being returned to nature.

3. EcoVero has much lower carbon emissions

The production process for EcoVero has a reduced level of CO2 emissions into the air of up to 50%. This is a conscious effort to combat the rate of climate change. 

EcoVero Benefits - Love to Dream

All this makes us very proud to bring EcoVero™ to the Love to Dream™ range, and in turn, pass on the confidence of eco-responsible consuming to the families who love our brand. 

EcoVero Romper

Designs You'll Love 

Introducing Alphabet Soup! These cute and colourful alphabet characters are a fun print for little ones! We have a Swaddle Up and a Romper in the Alphabet Soup print in the new EcoVero range and then a Marine-coloured Transition Bag.

The Romper

A new functional feature of the romper is the super side zips, and there are also our classic features such as cuff-over sleeves, zip covers, and envelope necks. 

The romper is designed to offer a layering solution when dressing to the temperature under your child's Love to Dream swaddle, sleep suit, or sleep bag.

Alternatively, the romper can be worn on its own – perfect for enjoying the delicious print!

EcoVero RomperEcoVero

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Happy Dreaming! x

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