Safe Sleep Guidelines

Safe Sleeping with Love to Dream™

Keeping your baby safe while sleeping is of paramount importance. Research has shown that swaddling is a useful way to help your baby settle and sleep on their back, reducing the risk of SIDS. The Swaddle Up™ by Love To Dream has been innovatively designed with features that not only make swaddling easier, but safer too.

Safety benefits include:

  • No risk of any loose fabric unravelling during sleep time and posing a breathing hazard
  • Arms Up™ design can help to impede involuntary rolling
  • Provides room to sleep in the correct position – with legs flexed in the ‘frog’ position
  • Provides room for baby to move their hips & legs, which supports healthy joint development
  • Reduces the risk of overheating with the single layer design & breathable fabric – as opposed to traditional swaddles. (An additional clothing item(s) can be worn underneath Love to Dream™ garments – See our Temperature Guide for safe recommendations.)

There are a few simple steps to remember when putting your baby to sleep.

Safe Sleep Guidelines Love to Dream

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Temperature Safety Recommendations

It is helpful to learn the signs of whether your baby is too warm or too cold to make sure that the number of clothing layers you have dressed them in is appropriate.

Signs that your child could be too warm (and, therefore, you may need to remove a layer/s of clothing or decrease the room temperature) include:

Signs your baby is overheating. Love to Dream NZ.
  • Your child has a red face and cheeks
  • Your child is sweating
  • Your child has a rapid heart rate and/or rapid breathing

Signs your child could be too cold (and, therefore, you may need to increase a layer/s of clothing or increase the room temperature) include:

Signs your baby is too cold. Love to Dream NZ.
  • Your child’s chest or tummy are cool to touch
  • Your child is waking frequently through the night or during naps and all other factors (soiled/wet diaper, feed times have been considered)
  • Your child is waking frequently early in the morning e.g. between 3–5 am

Recommended Clothing By Temperature

Recommended Clothing by Temperature - Love to Dream sleepwear for babies and toddlers
Additional notes:

Covering a baby’s head (i.e. with a beanie) during sleep time can lead to overheating, so this should be avoided.

The Love to Dream range has Fire Hazard Labelling on the packaging to comply with AS/NZS 1249:2014 (New Zealand Product Safety Standards for children's nightwear)These warnings alert parents to the risk of fire danger and urge you to keep your child away from heat and flame when they are wearing the garment. 

Safety Standards & Certification

Love to Dream INPAA Approved
All garments we produce are INPAA approved, as well as certified to the relevant safety standards applicable to those particular garments.
Hip Dysplasia Approved - Love to Dream

Our Swaddle Up™ & Swaddle Up Transition Bag & Suit are certified ‘hip-healthy’ by the ‘International Hip Dysplasia Institute’.

*This information is not medical or allied health professional advice. Furthermore, no cure or treatment for disease is offered on this website. Love To Dream™ recommends you seek professional advice for consultation on your individual needs.