Convenience and Comfort: Our Onesie-Style Romper

The baby onesie made for all day wear through sleep and play

Adorable all-in-one practicality

One of the most important things parents want from their baby clothes is simplicity: what your little bub is dressed in should make your life easier, while making their life more comfortable. Nothing achieves that perfect combination of comfort for your little one and convenience for yourself quite like a one-piece outfit. That’s why we’re thrilled to be launching the New Love To Dream Romper, our brand new, onesie-style jumpsuit with a quick and easy zip. It keeps your baby comfortable, and retains its shape from morning to night, wash after wash, thanks to its super comfy cotton and elastane blend. No other piece in your little one’s wardrobe will become as quickly beloved as this.

Premium, functional versatility

Designed for newborns and toddlers from 0-18 months, The new Love To Dream Romper makes your life easier with:

  • Simplistic Design: The all-in-one style of the Love To Dream Romper makes dressing your baby easier. Simply zip from ankle to chin, and your baby is ready for sleep or play. Plus, the two-way zipper makes for easy nappy changes, at home or out and about.
  • Adaptability: The Love To Dream Romper is perfect for layering under your baby’s sleepwear, such as our Swaddle Up, our Transitional Garments, or our great Sleep Suits & Sleep Bags. It removes the need for changing your little one into something else entirely when nap time comes.With fewer pieces of clothing to deal with, there’s less chance of disturbing your little one if they’ve already started nodding off.
  • Easy to wash: It’s inevitable that bubs and toddlers are going to get dirty - and who has the time to hand wash or line dry baby clothes? That’s why the Love To Dream Romper is machine washable and can even be tumble-dried on low. Plus it keeps its shape wash after wash with its premium cotton and elastane blend.Caring for your new baby onesie is just as simple and easy as it is to put on your little one.
  • No Worries: The Love To Dream Romper has fold-over cuffs that convert into a cute little mitten, keeping your baby’s hands warm and preventing them from scratching at their face. For toddlers on the move, the grippy dots on the soles of the romper’s enclosed feet help reduce the risk of slips and falls, whether your little one is taking their first step or their five hundredth.

The onesie-style romper

Created by mums who know exactly what existing onesies are missing, the Love To Dream Romper is:

  • Cosy and soft to the touch: Made Using Love To Dream’s signature original Swaddle Up jersey fabric that you know and love, the Love To Dream Romper’s stretchy cotton blend gives extra flex to allow your baby a full range of movement without sacrificing comfort. Parents will also appreciate the soft, cosy material when snuggling up to their little one’s adorable one-piece.
  • Simple Choices: You won’t have to decide what to dress your baby in or change them into throughout the day, as the Love To Dream Romper’s versatility makes it appropriate all day wear, from bedtime to playtime. Whether your little one is snuggled up in bed, exploring the house during the day, or joining you in a stroller for a walk outside in the crisp afternoon air, this baby onesie will look great, while keeping your bub warm and comfortable.
  • Designed to minimise fuss: The jumpsuit-style Love To Dream Romper is a breeze to put on or remove, making changing or dressing your little one easier than ever. The two-way zip is faster than buttons and press studs (which can irritate a baby’s skin) and makes changing nappies easier.
  • Great for baby’s sensitive skin: As well as providing easy access, the two-way zipper on the Love To Dream Romper features a protective tab, to ensure the zipper never irritates your baby’s skin.

Comfort meets Cuteness

The premium comfort of the Love To Dream Romper’s signature Swaddle Up jersey fabric combines comfort with cuteness. Our baby onesie is adorned with an adorable, all-over bunny print, which stays vibrant wash after wash. The enclosed feet coverings and fold-over cuffs that keep your little one’s toes and fingers warm in the colder months are patterned with Love To Dream’s signature grey and white stripe trim, so your little one can look snazzy for tummy time, sleepy time – all the time!

We know that the older a baby gets, the more they want to move – and that’s why the Love To Dream Romper is available in five sizes; because dressing your baby shouldn’t get harder as they get older. Our onesie style romper fits babies from newborn to 18 months, and all the squirmy, wriggly stages in between. And once your toddler reaches that 18-month milestone, we have a great range of toddler sleepwear that will keep them just as cosy as they become more independent.

Now that you’re ready to experience the ultimate in convenience, style and comfort for your little one, hop on over to our online store. You’ll be hard pressed to find an easier outfit for your bub, and you’ll wonder how you ever made it through the day without one.

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