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Real Parent Stories with Andy
Andrea is a paediatric registered nurse and fashion stylist (a girl needs options right!) based in Sydney. Her son’s name is Levi and he is 11 weeks old. What were your first thoughts and feelings after your baby was born?...
The LOVE TO DREAM™ Hip Harness Swaddles
Sleep deprivation is challenging for any family, however, if you’re a parent of the ‘1 in 50’ Australian babies being treated for Hip Dysplasia* , it can be overwhelming & really difficult to find a sleep solution for your child.
Real Parent Stories with Jess
Jess Dempsey is a Visual Merchandiser turned stylist turned fashion blogger turned fashion and motherhood blogger. At the time she was 27 and had been married for two years and soon after her 28th birthday, she had her first son Aston. Her blog went from strength to strength taking her to Paris fashion weeks, hosting runways, campaigns and TVCs and of course two more pregnancies.
"My baby just won't sleep!"
If I had a dollar for every time a parent utters this phrase I could retire a very wealthy man. It seems that babies that won’t sleep are a very common occurrence. For most parents & their babies this is...
5 Reasons You’ll Love SWADDLE UP™
From Australia to America, Europe to Asia; parents all around the globe have fallen in love with the award-winning LOVE TO DREAM SWADDLE UP™. We could talk about the benefits of the SWADDLE UP™ for ages, but at LOVE TO DREAM we’re all about making your lives easier.
Real Parent Stories with Courtney
Meet Courtney, a very proud and happy wife to Zared. Together they have two gorgeous children, Indigo who is 4 and Beckett who is 6 months. Courtney and Zared got married in August 2019 and live in the beautiful seaside town of Yeppoon, in the very and mostly sunny, Central Queensland.
"Will my life ever be normal again?"
For most parents having a new child is the best experience of their whole life. Their happiness is obvious despite the many challenges, responsibilities & lack of sleep. One thing is for sure - life with children will never be the same as the PKE. The Pre- Kids Era is I like to call it!
Real Parent Stories with Kevin
Meet Kevin, first-time dad currently residing in the Gold Coast. Kevin is originally from the UK but has lived in Australia for the last 6 years and believes it’s a great country to have a family. His little one, Henry, is 16 weeks old.
How can I get my baby to sleep through?
Why won't my baby sleep properly? About a quarter of children under five have sleep problems. Refusing to go to bed or waking in the night are both common, and the two often go together.
Real Parent Stories with Ash
Meet Ash, a content producer, makeup artist and blogger from Sydney. She’s mum to a childhood heart condition survivor, Harry, who is 5 months old.
A lack of sleep can affect some parents before the birth of their child; with the final months or pregnancy causing restlessness, discomfort & multiple night time wake-ups. So, it's important to establish consistent sleep foundations & a sleep routine...
Real Parent Stories with Azra
Meet Azra, working mama to two beautiful little girls, Nadia (almost 7) and Amina who just turned 2. Azra was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and now lives and works in Chicago as a case manager for residents with mental and physical disabilities.
Celebrating 10 years of delivering sleep!
Back in 2009, after 18 months of severe sleep deprivation and struggling to use a traditional blanket, our founder, Hana Krawchuk, was driven to create the SWADDLE UP™. She wanted to give other parents a simple and easy way to swaddle their babies to help them sleep better. 
Real Parent Stories with Kara
Meet Kara, a Science (Geology) Teacher, who lives on the absolute outskirts of Sydney, at the base of the Blue Mountains. It’s a small, and country like suburb. Kara’s little one, Arlo, is 9 months old and, according to his mum, very cheeky!
A guide to safer sleep for your baby
With recent trending news revealing that more and more parents are putting their children at risk of SIDs-related deaths due to unsafe sleep situations, it's become crucially important for Safer Sleep Situations to be made clear and shared with anyone who looks after your baby.
Real Parent Stories with Laura
Meet Laura, a single mum from the Sutherland Shire. Laura’s little man Henry has just turned two and, according to mum, going on twenty!
Baby Not Sleeping? This Might Be Why
Today, parents are faced with an overwhelming amount of information when it comes to baby sleep, and a lot of it is conflicting and quite simply incorrect. From well-meaning family members and friends offering advice, to the internet, books, forums and more, it can be confusing and overwhelming.
Sleep Stories: With Poppy Lee
Meet Poppy Lee, momma of two little girls, Seren, 3 and Addy, 19 months old, from Brisbane. There's not much of an age gap between Poppy’s babes, only 16 months! Her hubby is from the UK so it's just the four of them in Brisbane and a full-time juggling-act to keep everything and everyone moving! 
Why every new baby should be swaddled
Over the centuries mothers swaddled their babies to promote better sleep or to assist in settling. In fact there are recorded images on frescos from Egyptian times depicting swaddled babies. Now this natural instinct has been validated by scientific proof.
Sleep Stories: With Nikki
Meet Nikki Clarke, from Northland New Zealand. Nikki is (super)mum to 4 babes: Caden (4 years), Ryan (3 years), Kace (21 months) and Jackson (2 months) and is the owner of Cadenshae.
What is a TOG rating?
TOG stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’, which is a unit of measurement used to calculate the thermal insulation of a product, usually in the textile industry.