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All Stages: General

Overheating has been linked to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), so it is very important to ensure your baby does not overheat.

The Swaddle Up™ and Transition Swaddle have been designed to eliminate multiple layers of wrapping, which is a downside of traditional swaddles that can cause babies to overheat.

With the Love to Dream™ range, the idea is that you layer your baby's clothing underneath their swaddle or sleep suit/bag garment. Our TOG Guide demonstrates how you can dress your little one based on their room temperature and the TOG rating of the garment they are in. That way, there is less guess work and also a greater ability to adapt to changing temperatures so that your baby is always comfortably temperate. This page additionally helps you learn the signs of your baby being too cold or too hot, so that you can know what to watch for.

Please note: It is really important that you take into account all external factors when determining how to dress your baby, including the type of clothing that your baby has on, their general health and wellbeing, the temperature of your baby’s bedroom and if this may change throughout the night, day, or year. All these factors may vary in the same way as it does for adults.

Our care instructions are as follows:

Wash before first use. Close zipper before washing. Warm gentle machine wash in wash bag with similar colors. Do not soak. Do not bleach. Tumble dry on low (for warm garments: for quicker drying tumble dry inside out on second cycle). Warm iron if necessary. Do not iron zipper. Do not dry clean. 

See our full care instructions for more information on when to wash.

The Original, Organic, and some Bamboo garments are equivalent to approximately 1.0 TOG.
The Lite range (including some Bamboo garments) are equivalent to approximately 0.2 TOG.
The Warm range is equivalent to approximately 2.5 TOG.
The Extra Warm range is equivalent to approximately 3.5 TOG.

For information on how to dress your baby under their Love to Dream™ garment, please see our TOG Guide.

TOG stands for 'Thermal Overall Grade', which is a unit of measurement used to calculate the thermal insulation of a product, usually in the textile industry. Our sleep garments are given a TOG rating according to the warmth they provide. Basically, the higher the TOG, the warmer the product.

To help parents understand which TOG ratings are right for differing room temperatures, a set of guidelines has been established as per below:

0.2 TOG – ideal for room temperatures between 24°C and 27°C.
1.0 TOG – ideal for room temperatures between 20°C and 24°C.
2.5 TOG – ideal for room temperatures between 16°C and 20°C.
3.5 TOG – ideal for room temperatures below 16°C.

Note: It is important to check your baby regularly to ensure that they are comfortable and that they do not overheat. 

Check out our TOG Guide page for more information.

Our Newborn to Toddler, 3 Stage Sleep System™ was created to simplify the newborn sleep struggle so many parents encounter – helping parents around the world establish a sleep routine that works for them and their baby.

Stage 1 = the Newborn & Swaddling Stage. Use our Swaddle Up™ from birth until your baby shows signs of trying to roll over.

Stage 2 = the Ready to Roll (Transitional Stage). Use our Swaddle Up™ Transition Bag or Suit to transition from swaddling to 'arms-free' sleep.

Stage 3 = the On the Move (Independent) Sleep Stage. Use from 6 months once baby is sleeping independently.

All garments are INPAA approved, as well as certified to the relevant safety standards applicable to those particular garments (AS/NZS 1249:2014).

Our Swaddle Up™ and Swaddle Up™ Transition Bag/Suit are certified and approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Your baby's natural, safe sleep position is with their legs splayed in a frog-like position. The design of the Swaddle Up™ and Swaddle Up™ Transition Bag/Suit allows your baby to sleep in this position without restriction.

Our Love to Dream Sleep Bag™ and Love to Dream Sleep Suit™ are inherently hip-healthy due to their extra wide shape & garment construction.

We recommend that it is safest to avoid all loose blankets in the cot and instead add extra layers underneath your Swaddle Up™ or Transition Bag or Suit. (Please refer to our guide on how to dress your baby under their Love to Dream™ sleep garment.) 

We endorse First Candle's guidelines in relation to safe sleeping practices. They advise:

Do not put anything soft, loose or fluffy in your baby's sleep space. This includes pillows, blankets, comforters, soft or pillow-like bumpers, stuffed animals and other soft items. Use a sleep sack or something similar instead of blankets to keep your baby warm and safe.

You can purchase the full Love to Dream™ range from our online website, or you can shop a wide range of our products in-store through any of our retailers nationwide.

Please reach out immediately to let us know where you purchased the product from and show us what makes you think it is a counterfeit product. We can then confirm if it is and try stop any counterfeit products being sold.

Check out our Counterfeit Warning page for more details.

Stage 1: Newborn & Swaddling

Medical research suggests that swaddling is beneficial in helping newborns to sleep better. Swaddling a baby may calm their 'startle reflex', which wakes them up & disturbs their sleep. Our patented, award-winning Swaddle Up™ helps baby to settle quickly & establish a peaceful sleep routine. Importantly, it completely removes the need for loose blankets in the cot/crib, making it a safer option for babies.

See our page on the benefits of swaddling for a full summary.

Unlike traditional swaddles that keep a baby's arms by their side or across their chest, the unique Arms Up™ design of our Swaddle Up™ has patented wings that allow a baby to sleep in their natural Arms Up™ position. This means your baby can easily touch their face & suck on their hands & fingers for true Self-Soothing™, resulting in more sleep for everyone.

A natural way babies settle and soothe themselves to sleep is by sucking on their hands or gently rubbing their cheeks. This hand sucking can also help develop mouth muscles which aid in feeding, speech development & their natural rooting reflex. 

Self-Soothing = More sleep!

For best fit, result please select your Swaddle Up™ sizing according to your baby's weight, not their age.
The Swaddle Up™ range is available in three sizes: Newborn (suitable for 2.2–3.8 kg), Small (suitable for 3.5–6 kg) & Medium (suitable for 6–8.5 kg).

For more guidance on sizing, check out Guide 2 of our Ultimate Swaddle Guide: Quantity, Size & Season.

We advise that three is the ideal number of swaddles to have in the appropriate size. We call it the Wash, Wear & Spare formula. This means, while one is in the wash, another is on your baby, and a spare is clean, dry, and ready-to-go in case of any sudden spills or leaks!

For a full guide on how to approach buying the right number of swaddles, please see our Ultimate Swaddle Guide: Quantity, Size & Season.

When babies are in their Swaddle Up™, it is important that they sleep on their back to reduce the risk of SIDS. Therefore, there is no need for quilting on the backside of the swaddle, as baby's back is in constant contact with the sheet/blanket of the cot/crib. For this reason, the TOG rating is not affected.

This differs in our Stage 2 garments (Swaddle Up™ Transition Bag/Suit) as babies are now able to roll onto their stomach, so quilting is therefore needed on the backside too. The same applies to the Stage 3 Love to Dream Sleep Suit/Bags™.

Yes, this is actually the best time to start. If your baby weighs between 2.2–3.8kg at birth, please choose the Swaddle Up™ in size Newborn. If your baby weighs between 3.5–6kg at birth, please choose the Swaddle Up™ in size Small.

This is not unhygienic if the garment is washed after each use. However, if it is worn and sucked on repeatedly without being washed, then yes, it can be unhygienic for your baby.

The Swaddle Up™ is purposefully designed to allow your baby access to his or her hands for self-soothing. As baby's hands are covered by the swaddle's fabric, they won't scratch their face, but the ‘wings’ of the garment can get a little wet if baby sucks on them.

We advise that you wash your baby's swaddle after every use if it becomes soiled in any way, including from saliva and breastmilk. The reason for this is that these substances contain enzymes, which – if left on fabric for too long – may cause bacterial growth, which is unhygienic for baby and can also break down certain properties in the garment, causing discolouration, for example.

We recommend purchasing more than one swaddle, so that you always have a clean Swaddle Up™ while one is in the wash. Three is the ideal number, as you then have a spare on hand for sudden spills and leaks!

If your baby’s legs touch the bottom of the Swaddle Up™ but the fit across the body is correct, then keep using this Swaddle Up™. It is not too short. The length of the bag has been specially designed to be a little shorter so that – as your baby grows – they can push against the bottom of the bag. This pushing action and feeling 'the ends’ of the bag contribute to further Self-Soothing™.

As tempting as it might be to buy a bigger size, unfortunately the answer is no. It is very important that you always purchase the correct size Swaddle Up™ for your baby, based on their current weight. While there is some crossover in size, we highly recommend that you do not move into the next size up until your baby is at the upper limit of the size they are in.

Using a Swaddle Up™ (or any garment) that is too big for your baby can be dangerous, as excess fabric can be a breathing hazard.

The Swaddle Up™ Original 1.0 TOG is made from a single layer of 93% cotton and 7% elastane. The 1.0 TOG material is highly breathable and ideal for moderate temperatures (between 20°C and 24°C).

Both the Swaddle Up™ Warm 2.5 TOG & the Extra Warm 3.5 TOG are made from:
Outer & Lining: 93% cotton, 7% elastane
Filling: 100% viscose (from bamboo)
The viscose from bamboo built-in quilted blanket is for superior warmth & comfort.

The 2.5 TOG material is ideal for cool temperatures (between 16°C and 20°C).

The 3.5 TOG material is ideal for extra-cool temperatures (below 16°C).

The Swaddle Up™ Lite 0.2 TOG is made from a finely woven, ultra-light, single layer of 97% cotton and 3% elastane.

The 0.2 TOG material is 30% lighter than the Swaddle Up™ Original 1.0 TOG, and is highly breathable. It is ideal for day naps and warm temperatures (between 24°C and 27°C).

The Swaddle Up™ Organic 1.0 TOG is made from 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane.

The organic cotton is lovely and soft on baby’s delicate skin, and the 1.0 TOG rating makes this option ideal for moderate temperatures (between 20°C and 24°C).

The Swaddle Up™ Bamboo 0.2 TOG & the 1.0 TOG are made from 95% viscose from bamboo and 5% elastane.
Bamboo textiles are naturally hypoallergenic, luxuriously soft, highly breathable and thermo-regulating.

The 0.2 TOG material is ideal for warm temperatures (between 24°C and 27°C) and day naps.

The 1.0 TOG material is ideal for moderate temperatures (between 20°C and 24°C).

Stage 2: Ready to Roll

Our Transition Bags or Suits are the simplest solution to transition a baby from being swaddled to 'arms-free', without disrupting their sleep routine by suddenly removing their swaddle. This transition needs to take place when your baby starts trying to roll over independently, as it is a breathing risk for them to be stuck on their front without their arms free to roll back over to a back sleeping position, which gives better access to air.

The Transition Bag/Suit is designed to support baby to transition gradually, by zipping off the 'winged' sleeves one at a time.

Irrespective of which swaddling method you use, you must stop swaddling your baby as soon as he or she starts to show signs of being able to roll over independently. Your baby's arms should not be restricted when they are able to roll over, so they must begin the transition from swaddling into 'arms-free' sleeping.

Please note:
- This advice is the same for any form of swaddling you may be using.
- Around this time, your baby's startle reflex should have diminished.
- If your baby has not shown signs of rolling yet, you can simply allow them to sleep in the Swaddle Up™ Transition Suit with the wings still on, until they show signs of trying to roll. You might do this if your baby was ready for the next size up and you expected them to start rolling soon.

Every baby is different – some only take a couple of days to transition, others may take a little longer.

It can be helpful to try starting your baby’s transition during his or her day sleeps. Or perhaps try waiting until your baby is asleep before removing a ‘wing’ from your Swaddle Up™ Transition Bag/Suit for the first time.

Transition Bag

The Swaddle Up™ Transition Bag or Suit is a great way to prepare your baby for the transition from being swaddled to 'arms-free' independent sleep.

First, remove one wing first and allow your baby to adjust to it, and then when they are ready, the other wing can come off too. You can even allow baby to fall asleep swaddled up and then unzip a wing as they sleep.

These options offer gentle but effective ways to transition your baby to independent sleep – all while maintaining their established sleep routine.

Transition Suit

We recommend trying a gradual approach for an easier transitioning process.

Begin with one Arms Up™ wing and one Self-Soothing™ sleeve on (cuff folded over). 

After several nights of your baby settling into this routine, remove the Arms Up™ wing and start bedtime off with both Self-Soothing™ sleeves zipped on (cuffs folded over).

Once your baby has settled into a routine, you can open the cuffs for true arms-free sleep. 

Some babies transition in a few nights, others can take a few weeks. The Swaddle Up™ Transition Suit with Self-Soothing™ sleeves is especially helpful for any baby who is having a harder time going from being swaddled to arms-free sleep.

See our blog on when to stop swaddling and how to transition for more information.

Whether you have used Swaddle Up for the swaddle stage or not, you can choose either our Transition Bag or Transition Suit.

The Transition Bag is just like the Swaddle Up™ with its sleeping bag shape (which some babies might like the familiarity of), but is a '3-in-1' garment that converts from Swaddle, to Transition Bag, to Sleep Bag once both wings are off.

The Swaddle Up™ Transition Suit, on the other hand, is a '5-in-1' garment, providing a lot of extra value. It’s a Swaddle Suit, Transition Suit, Sleep Suit, Play Suit and Travel Suit all in one. It’s the most versatile transition suit you can buy today.

You may even like to have a combination of the two styles and see which one your baby seems to prefer.

For best fit result, please select your Transition Bag/Suit sizing according to your child's weight, not their age.

The Swaddle Up™ Transition Bag/Suit range is available in three sizes: Medium (suitable for 6–8.5kg), Large (1kg) & Extra Large (11–14kg).

This information is also available on our Size Charts page, and our Ultimate Swaddle Guide also covers sizing in more depth.

The Self-Soothing™ sleeves on the Swaddle Up™ Transition Suit have been specially designed to be slightly short for your baby's arms, so that when the cuffs are folded over and they try to straighten their arms completely, they feel the edges of the fabric and can push against it. This provides sensory input and a feeling of safety and comfort, while still allowing them to self-soothe safely without scratching their delicate skin.

Please note: The sleeves are not compatible with the Swaddle Up™ Transition Bag.

Stage 3: On the Move

For many babies and toddlers who have come through the Love to Dream Sleep System from birth, a sleep bag is a familiar and well-loved part of their sleep routine.

Our Stage 3 sleepbags can be worn into toddlerhood and beyond so that your child can continue with this safe, snug, and beloved sleep solution for as long as they need.

It is designed especially for children who like the feeling of a roomy blanket. It's long, wide & has plenty of space inside for wriggly legs to move around.

Best of all, because it is a wearable blanket, it won't fall off in the night, so your young one will always stay warm!

The Love to Dream Sleep Suit™ is a versatile wearable blanket that replaces the need for loose blankets in the cot/crib, helping to give your baby/toddler a safe and sound sleep at night and the freedom to play in snuggly warmth by day.

It is designed especially for active children who like to move around their cot/crib a lot & who also like to play while still in their sleep garment. This may be on laidback mornings or at night after bathtime if it's not quite bedtime.

You should choose the correct size sleep bag/sleep suit based on your baby’s height, not their weight (like the Stage 1 & 2 garments) and also not their age.

The Love to Dream Sleep Bag™ is available in 2 sizes:
Size Small: 6–18 months (suitable for maximum child height of 88cm)
Size Large: 18–36 months (suitable for maximum child height of 108cm).

The Love to Dream Sleep Suit™ is available in 5 sizes:
Size 0: 6–12 months (suitable for maximum child height of 84cm)
Size 1: 12–24 months (suitable for maximum child height of 92cm).
Size 2: 24–36 months (suitable for maximum child height of 100cm).
Size 3 : 3 years (suitable for maximum child height of 108cm).

This information can be found on our Size Charts page.

Our 0.2 TOG Sleep Bag™ and our 0. TOG Sleep Suit™ are both made from 100% cotton.

This material is ideal for warm temperatures, between 24°C and 27°C. Layer up underneath with one or two undergarments, relative to whether the temperature is cooler or warmer within that range.

The Love to Dream 1.0 TOG Sleep Bag™ or Sleep Suit™ is made from:
Outer & Lining: 100% cotton 
Filling: 100% polyester 
Cuffs: 93% cotton, 7% elastane

The 1.0 TOG material is ideal for moderate temperatures (between 20°C and 24°C).

Both the Warm 2.5 & the Extra Warm 3.5 TOG Love to Dream Sleep Suit™ and Sleep Bag™ are made from:
Upper & Sleeves: 95% cotton, 5% elastane 
Body Outer & Lining: 100% cotton 
Filling: 100% polyester 
Cuffs: 93% cotton, 7% elastane

The 2.5 TOG material is ideal for cool temperatures (between 16°C and 20°C), while the 3.5 TOG material is ideal for extra cool temperatures (below 16°C).