Be happy, stop striving for life balance & learn to tilt

Many of us at Love To Dream™ are parents, so we understand that finding balance in life is something that’s really hard to achieve.

Too often, we’re striving for perfection in everything we do.  Trying to be the perfect parent, the perfect partner, the perfect employee or the perfect friend.  Whether you’re trying to hold down a job, working hard to look after a child and organise the home, or trying to combine the two, it’s a never-ending juggle.
However, a new book by Brooke McAlary ‘Destination Simple’ blows the theory of achieving balance out of the water.  She says we shouldn’t strive for balance or perfection, we should, instead, be ‘tilting’.
Tilting parenting philosophy
This means tilting in towards one thing and away from others at different times.  Brooke has said that balance is a myth and you can’t be all things to all people, all the time.  That you need to tilt your life out of balance and learn to be okay with it.
As Brooke shared on Body & Soul, in practice, this means being flexible when things inevitably don't turn out how you hoped they would - and stopping yourself from aiming for perfection.  For instance, Some days you need to recharge — so tilt towards being kind to yourself and letting go of the things that don’t help with that.
This philosophy really resonated with us at Love To Dream™ which is why we felt the need to share it with you.  We hope you like it.

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