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Convenience and Comfort: Our New Onesie-Style Romper
One of the most important things parents want from their baby clothes is simplicity: what your little bub is dressed in should make your life easier, while making their life more comfortable. Nothing achieves that perfect combination of comfort for your little one and convenience for yourself quite like a one-piece outfit. That’s why we’re thrilled to be launching the New Love To Dream Romper, our brand new, onesie-style jumpsuit with a quick and easy zip.
Real Parent Stories with Aisha

Did you settle quickly into a routine with your baby? If so, do you think it worked well for you? No way! We tried but our daughter had tongue tie and I just struggled with breastfeeding but felt guilty for putting her on formula. And her sleeps were all over the place from her feeds being so stressful.

How To Get Your Baby's Sleep Routine Back
There are three important aspects to get your little ones sleeping soundly again: creating an ideal sleep environment, setting an afternoon and evening routine, and how you respond to your baby over the course of the night to help them sleep through it. All these are part of the simple three-step cycle which forms the basis of the routine you want to return to: sleep, feed, and uptime.
The UNIQUE Design of a SWADDLE UP™
Medial research suggests that swaddling is beneficial in helping newborns to sleep better. Unlike traditional  swaddles that keep a baby's arms by their side or across their chest, the unique ARMS UP™ design of our SWADDLE UP™ has patented 'wings' that allow a baby to sleep in their natural ARMS UP™ position. This means your baby can easily touch their face & suck on their hands & fingers for true SELF-SOOTHING™.

The ‘5-in-1’ SWADDLE UP™ TRANSITION SUIT is a gentle transition solution which helps preserve a baby’s precious sleep routine and is perfect for babies who are having a harder time transitioning.

The suit has been created with a snug fit upper chest and specially designed zip-on SELF-SOOTHING™ sleeves with fold over cuffs to provide a swaddling effect. It also has two ARMS UP™ zip-off wings, which should remain attached to the suit until baby is ready to transition.

Understanding Baby Sleep & Sleep Cycles
When people use the phrase 'I slept like a baby' they generally mean they slept really well; quite deeply and soundly until the morning. Which, if you ask any parent of a newborn, is the complete opposite of how babies sleep. So if babies don't in fact 'sleep like a baby', then what is their sleep actually like?
When to Stop Swaddling Your Baby
Many parents find the transition terrifying - but don't worry, once you figure out why and when, you'll know how to approach this. 
Be happy, stop striving for life balance & learn to tilt
Too often, we’re striving for perfection in everything we do.  Trying to be the perfect parent, the perfect partner, the perfect employee or the perfect friend.  Whether you’re trying to hold down a job, working hard to look after a child and organise the home, or trying to combine the two, it’s a never-ending juggle.
How do I tame my toddler's tantrums?
Each phase of a child’s life produces new challenges. Just as parents are recovering from the joys of the first year of life a new set of changes emerge.
Baby Budgeting: Finance Tips for New Parents

For all the joys that being a new parent brings, there’s equal amounts of responsibility. It’s easy to be surprised by unexpected costs which can leave you concerned about your financial situation. Fortunately, there are some tips that you can follow to educate yourself financially so you can sleep like a …, well, like a baby. 

A Guide to Safe Sleep for Your Newborn Baby
Prepare a safe sleeping space for your baby will not only protect them but allow them to sleep safer and better. Read on for more tips to create a safe sleep environment for your newborn baby. And of course, share the information with your family, carers and other parents who may need this.
What are the Signs of Postnatal Depression & How to Get Help
It’s not unusual to experience mood swings, feel a bit down or even become a little weepy soon after having a baby. But sometimes these feelings are more persistent and can get worse, making it hard to bond and cope...
Why, When & How to Swaddle Your Newborn Baby
Ensuring your baby is comfortable and content is at the top of any new parent’s list. As well as comfort, you’ll want to make sure the swaddling technique is safe and effective. Read on to discover all the information you’ll need about why, when and how to swaddle your baby.
Coping with Sleep Deprivation – Safer sleep week
On average, parents get less than 59% of the recommended 8 hours sleep a night in the first twelve months after having a baby according to a recent study by sleep technology brand Simba. This equates to 50 nights sleep lost over the course of a year which can have a serious impact on a parent’s ability to function both mentally and physically.
Only The Best For Your Bub: Premium Winter Sleepwear
Many parents claim that their children sleep better in winter. At Love To Dream, we know what really makes the snooze so sweet is their winter sleepwear. We also know you might battle to find the right winter sleepwear. Winter temperatures can range from mild, to cool, to chilly, all in one night!
Safer Sleep Guidelines
The where and how you should place your baby to sleep & share it so everyone in your baby's life knows how to create a safer sleep environment
Too cosy or too cold? – How to dress your baby safely this winter – With baby sleep expert, Lucy Wolfe.
Before you place your baby in their sleep space, it may be nice to warm the space with a hot water bottle first and then remove when you place them into the space- that way they are not going from your warm arms to a cold space, making it harder for them to settle.
Real Parent Stories with Ali
Ali is a makeup artist by trade and a mum of 1 and half (currently baking number 2 due in Oct!) so when she’s not knee-deep in foundations and highlighters she’s enjoying her time with her 2.5yr old son.
5 Ways To Create A Great Bedtime Routine
What once worked for a newborn at bedtime, changes as our babies become older. Different factors need to be taken into consideration and ultimately bedtime can become a little more fun once your little one hits the 6 month mark. So now your baby is a little older, what should you be doing to optimise a calm and sleepy bedtime routine?
Can I Swaddle a Rolling Baby?
Unfortunately, there comes a time in every parent’s life when your baby is suddenly on the move and you realise you can no longer use your favourite sleeping aid, the swaddle.
Is swaddling safe for sleeping?
The NCT is asked if “swaddling is safe” and their response is that swaddling is safe, but it is not without risks, and parents must continue to make informed decisions and observe safe sleep practises. (NCT, 2016) The most important one being that babies are always placed on their backs to sleep.