A New Parents’ Guide to Baby Sleeping Bags

For new parents, your little one arriving into the world can be a blissful, wonderful and sometimes even challenging time. Setting up your baby for sleep will be one of your top priorities. Where to sleep, how to sleep and when to sleep will be up there on your checklist of priorities. Your little one deserves the best and utmost comforting attire, and that’s why LOVE TO DREAM™ has developed the softest, most durable, and versatile baby sleeping bags.

Our baby sleeping bags are designed for babies from 6 months, up to children aged 4. They are different from the ARMS UP™ swaddle and transition bags as they allow your little one to have their arms completely free. This freedom of movement works well for little ones who might toss and turn in the middle of the night.

There are two kinds of baby sleeping bags, one has a sack for the lower half of the garment which acts as a wearable blanket, and the other design has sections for the legs. This can be an optimal durable garment, doubling up as warm, snuggly PJs that your little one can move in. The benefit of a wearable, warm sleeping bag is to protect your child from cold temperatures, especially when they start moving around during the night and are prone to kicking off blankets. Wearing a LOVE TO DREAM™ sleeping bag instead of blankets can also reduce the risk of your little one’s face becoming covered when they are asleep. Baby sleeping bags are simple to use and involve no intricate folds or styles—they can become an essential part of your baby’s sleep routine. Read on to find out more in our LOVE TO DREAM™ baby sleeping bag guide.

Love to dream sleep bag

The purpose of baby sleeping bags

Sleeping bags were invented as a practical all-in-one bedding option. Mums, Dads and carers everywhere found sleeping bags for babies allowed their little ones to drift off to sleep easier. The design of our LOVE TO DREAM™ baby sleeping bags allows for the arms to be free and not constricted. Whether your little one is rolling, crawling or walking, a sleeping bag is made to keep them warm, secure, but still able to move.

A Safe Option

Safety and comfort are two of the main benefits of using a baby sleeping bag. From sleep consultants, midwives to pediatricians, experts love our LOVE TO DREAM™ sleeping bag range and recommend them to parents everywhere.

A sleeping bag is safer than traditional blankets as it can’t be removed by baby. It can also reduce the risk of SIDS as it is less likely to cover your child’s face when they sleep. The use of a baby sleeping bag along with other sleeping recommendations, can help you to rest assure your baby is as safe as possible. Our LOVE TO DREAM™ sleeping bags and sleep suits are hip-healthy due to their extra wide shape & garment construction. They are also INPPA approved.

Note: LOVE TO DREAM’S range of baby sleeping bags are not intended for use in car seats, baby capsules or infant seats.

The Comforting Option

The zip-up style and warm, soft fabric make LOVE TO DREAM™ sleeping bags some of the best baby sleeping bags on the market. They are super snug and cosy, with a variety of fabric options.

If you are wondering what sleeping bag to use for your baby, Love to Dream has a handy guide you can refer to:

Promoting deep, quality sleep

Baby sleeping bags can encourage feelings of security because your little one is fully wrapped. It can help them to have quality sleep. Using a sleeping bag can form a ‘sleep cue’ for your baby when used as part of their bedtime routine. Going through the motions of putting your little one into their sleeping bag and zipping it up allows for an association with impending sleep. When the sleeping bag goes on, they know it’s bedtime. Our sleeping bags and sleep suits can be used from 6 months up to 4 years. Our transition bags and suits from 3 months, and our swaddles can be used for newborns from day one.

Baby Sleeping Bag Size Guide

Our LOVE TO DREAM™ baby sleeping bag chart can support you to select the right size for your little one. It is recommended to buy the size that your baby or toddler needs at the time—and not a size bigger. Even though a bigger one may seem useful for them to grow into, it can be dangerous to have a sleeping bag or swaddle that is too big around the neckline. It must be fitted around the neckline and sleeves. Use the age to size range listed below. If in doubt you can measure Bub’s height.

Love to dream sleep bag size chartLove to dream sleep suit size chart

Baby Sleeping Bag Care

Tip: If you are wondering how many baby sleeping bags you need, it is recommended to have at least two to three. That way there can be one on bub, one in the wash, and one spare in the cupboard so you don’t get caught out.

How Should I Place my Baby Inside a Sleeping Bag?

Depending on their age, your little one can either pop into it themselves with your support or if they are younger it is recommended to place the sleeping bag down on a flat surface, ideally a bed, put your little one inside the garment, and zip it all the way up. It is best to have them bathed and dressed in clothing suited to the temperature of the room they will be sleeping or napping in. Refer to our temperature chart for more information. Ensure there are no toys or loose blankets in their cot or bed.

Washing Your Baby Sleep Bag

It is recommended to regularly wash your LOVE TO DREAM™ sleep bags and sleep suits. Our simple guide to washing them is as follows:

  • Close zipper before washing
  • Use stain remover as needed
  • Set your machine to a warm gentle wash
  • Wash only with similar colours
  • Do not soak for long periods of time
  • Tumble dry on low
  • Warm iron if necessary
  • Do not iron zipper or dry clean

Love to dream sleep suit

Where to Find the Perfect Sleeping Bag or Sleep Suit

LOVE TO DREAM™ baby sleep suits and sleeping bags are the optimum choice of sleeping garment. Shop our latest baby sleeping bags in our online range or take a look at your favourite retailers.

LOVE TO DREAM™ sleeping bags have been designed with you in mind. You can rest easy knowing bub is zipped up and secure in their warm and cosy sleeping bag.

For any extra advice on your baby’s sleep, feeding or support, we encourage you to reach out to family, your doctor, or access a support organisation or service for new and expecting parents and carers. You are not alone in your journey to a restful night’s sleep and there is support available. 

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