Real Parent Stories with Andy

Andrea is a paediatric registered nurse and fashion stylist (a girl needs options right!) based in Sydney. Her son’s name is Levi and he is 11 weeks old.

What were your first thoughts and feelings after your baby was born?

First thoughts were ‘Omg can’t believe we have no breaks in between pregnancy, childbirth & newborns’ & ‘I genuinely made a human’

Did you settle quickly into a routine with your baby? If so, do you think it worked well for you?

Routine? Had to just check thesaurus to see what meant. In other words no. I tried to get a routine for a couple of days but found both bubs and I were getting distressed so I just went with the flow and we’ve both taken the laid back approach which works a lot better for us.

How soon after your baby was born did you begin to swaddle your baby?

Day 1-3 I was in hospital so midwives did the burrito wraps but day 3 when we got home we used love to dream swaddle and every night since.

How did you come to know about LOVE TO DREAM™?

My sister swears by them and used them for her 3 boys and recommended them.

Do you feel like using the LOVE TO DREAM™ range of products has made a positive impact on you and your baby's sleep?

Yes! For me, it’s the ease and convenience of a quick and secure zip up and for him, it’s a secure feeling & an obvious sleep cue. As soon as I put his hands in the swaddle, he starts closing his eyes which is amazing!

What is the one thing you wish you'd known before you became a parent?

The reality of how hard breastfeeding, sleep deprivation & newborns were. I had heard about it but never really thought it would be as hard as it was for me.

Three words to describe life before parenthood and three to describe life after becoming a parent?

Before: Carefree, Selfish, Disposable income

After: Bed by 7pm, Selfless, Count every cent

What is the one piece of advice you’d offer new parents or parents-to-be?

Make sure you’re actually ready to have a child because then it’s the most beautiful thing ever and all the hardships don’t matter as much. If rushed into it unprepared, it can be brutal.

What are your top 5 essential items to have ready to go when baby arrives?

  1. Baby bag (some fancy designer one to remind you that you are still fab!)
  2. Bassinet (vintage - has to look cute!)
  3. Change table
  4. Pram (in a great colour to match outfits)
  5. The LOVE TO DREAM SWADDLE UP™ - I cannot be bothered using muslin wraps that take an hour to do up and then bubs sneaks his hand out anyway!

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