5 Reasons You’ll Love SWADDLE UP™

From Australia to America, Europe to Asia; parents all around the globe have fallen in love with the award-winning LOVE TO DREAM SWADDLE UP™. We could talk about the benefits of the SWADDLE UP™ for ages, but at LOVE TO DREAM we’re all about making your lives easier. This is why we've created a super short 25 second video with the top five reasons you’ll love SWADDLE UP™ just as much as we do. 
1. Super-fast; swaddle in seconds!
Every second is precious, and we know that as a new parent, you don’t have any to spare. That’s why we designed SWADDLE UP™ to be super simple and super quick to put on your baby. From start to finish dressing your baby takes only 13 seconds- giving you more time for important things (like a nap!).
2. No learning curve; no wrapping
A brand new little bub brings on a whole heap of new and daunting life challenges; dressing your baby shouldn’t be one of them. Unlike traditional wraps, SWADDLE UP™ is simple, doesn't unravel and easy to use - even when you’re bleary eyed at 4am.
3. One layer of fabric, one zipper- that’s it
4. Allows hands to mouth for SELF-SOOTHING™
To settle themselves to sleep many babies will suck on their hands or gently rub their cheeks- this is called self-soothing. SWADDLE UP™ has been designed to allow babies to safely suck on their hands and settle themselves back to sleep- meaning less getting up in the night for mum & dad!
5. SELF-SOOTHING™ = More Sleep
A baby who can settle themselves back to sleep is a baby who doesn’t have to wake up mum and dad. A mum and dad who aren’t woken up by their bub is a happy mum and dad. What more do we need to say?

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