Better Sleep FROM DAY ONE™

We know how important sleep is, especially when you have young children. Our award-winning sleep solutions are designed to offer safer sleep for longer, FROM DAY ONE™. Supporting your baby’s natural sleep position and keeping them comfortable and secure throughout the night, the Love To Dream range can help the whole family get more sleep and is suitable from birth to four years.

Stage One – Swaddling

Suitable from birth until baby starts to roll

The Love To Dream SWADDLE UP™ is the first stage of the award winning Love To Dream™ sleep series. Designed to fit newborn babies FROM DAY ONE™, the SWADDLE UP™ offers all the benefits of traditional swaddling with the ease of a zipped sleeping bag.


Medical research into babies sleep has determined that they sleep better when swaddled and if they are able to settle themselves by sucking their hands and rubbing their cheeks, a natural instinct known as SELF-SOOTHING™.

Unlike traditional swaddling, where baby is wrapped with their arms crossed over their chest or down by their side, the Love To Dream™ SWADDLE UP™ provides a safer, snug swaddle whilst allowing baby to move freely. The unique shape encourages baby to sleep in their natural ARMS UP™ position and they can reach their face and mouth for SELF-SOOTHING™ without scratching.

This ARMS UP™ design helps to reduce the natural startle reflex that often wakes babies during the night, so the whole family can sleep better for longer. The snug but flexible fit keeps baby swaddled all night long as they can’t wriggle out of it, and the dual action zip makes night time nappy changes a breeze.

All this adds up to more sleep FROM DAY ONE™ and in a recent survey of 1242 parents, they reported an increase from 3.45 hours to 7.25 hours sleep a night when using a SWADDLE UP™.



Stage Two – Transitioning

A hassle free transition from swaddling

At around 4 months old your baby will start trying to roll over. As soon as you notice the signs, it is time to start transitioning your baby from a swaddle to ‘arms-free’ sleep. Rather than shocking baby by suddenly removing their swaddle, we recommend transitioning slowly with the help of our SWADDLE UP™ TRANSITION BAG or TRANSITION SUIT.

The clever design of our Stage 2 sleep solutions provide the same snug swaddled feeling that baby is used to, with the added benefit of removable arms so you can choose to remove one arm first and then when baby is ready you can remove the other arm. This is a gentle but effective way to transition a swaddled baby to independent sleep whilst maintaining their established sleep routine.
It means you can continue to enjoy the ease of a zipped sleep suit or bag for hassle free bedtimes and the dual action zip allows you to change nappies without removing it completely.

Stage Three – Independent Sleep

Suitable from 6 months when baby is sleeping independently

 The LOVE TO DREAM SLEEP BAG™  is ideal for growing babies from six months until 4 years old. It eliminates the need for loose blankets in the cot which offers safer sleep for longer and will keep your little one cosy while they sleep.

The LOVE TO DREAM SLEEP SUIT™ is ideal for wriggly babies who are always on the move, with built-in legs and feet so your little one can explore and play safely without removing their sleep suit, perfect for lazy mornings!