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Meet Lauren Brant, a media personality based in Queensland. Lauren was part of the award-winning kids show ‘Hi-5’ for almost six years and then went on to be part of the cast of Australia’s first ever season of ‘I’m a celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.’ That’s where Lauren met her partner Barry Hall, with whom she now shares a gorgeous son - Miller Barry Hall. Miller is now 15 months and Lauren is totally obsessed with him! (And we can totally see why!)



What were your first thoughts and feelings after your baby was born?

I felt so incredibly clever when Miller was born, like I was the only women to have ever given birth. My life as I knew it didn’t seem to exist anymore, as everything I did from that moment was the ‘first’ time I was doing it as a mum. In a weird way, I actually found ‘reason’ to life & more of an identity.

Did you settle quickly into a routine with your baby? If so, do you think it worked well for you?

You know, I can’t say whether I settled into a routine or not… I did have something going on, but every day was different. Especially emotionally. There were new ‘realities’ discovered each day and new ‘normalities’ to adapt to. I really did choose to cherish every experience and I think that worked very well for me.

How soon after your baby was born did you begin to swaddle your baby?

As we know, babies are swaddled as soon as they are born by the midwives in hospitals. I basically learnt how to swaddle from them. However, Miller decided pretty early on that he wanted freedom of his arms, at about 3 months old and that’s when we changed to LOVE TO DREAM SWADDLEUP™.

How did you come to know about LOVE TO DREAM™?

I actually learnt about LOVE TO DREAM™ initially from being a ‘pregnant stalker!’ Let me explain, you know when you are expecting for the first time, you all of a sudden start taking notice of other pregnant ladies, babies, prams & all of their accessories? Well that’s when I first saw LOVE TO DREAM™. I also asked my followers to recommend their ‘essentials’ and got flooded with recommendations for LOVE TO DREAM™. But I only started to really get to know how amazing it’s use was when my sister in law starting using it with her daughter who is 10 months older than Miller and I was looking for a ‘sleeping bag’ option for Miller that didn’t restrict his arm movement but still comforted him. TAH DAH – LOVE TO DREAM™ to the rescue!

Do you feel like using the LOVE TO DREAM™ range of products has made a positive impact on you and your baby's sleep?

Oh, without a doubt, LOVE TO DREAM™ has had a positive impact on Miller’s sleep. He has literally grown up with it. We have used every swaddle and sleeping bag in the range and found it really easy to transition through each one, which has been a relief.

What is the one thing you wish you'd known before you became a parent?

I wish I knew that you didn’t need so much stuff! Haha, I stocked up on everything and now have things I didn’t even get to use, or clothes I didn’t even get to dress Miller in before he outgrew them. I also wish I knew exactly what options I’d need in a pram! Cause I’ve ended up with like 3 so far.

Three words to describe life before parenthood and three to describe life after becoming a parent?

Life Before Parenthood: Selfish, Exaggerated, Rested (hehe)

Life After Parenthood: Meaningful, Heightened, Hectic.

What is the one piece of advice you’d offer new parents or parents-to-be?

Every stage in your child’s life is so short and so special, so embrace each stage and do it your own ‘imperfect’ way, don’t sweat the small stuff! Also, enjoy being a big kid with them, children allow us to rediscover the world again and it is such a beautiful thing to be able to ‘play & explore.’ Happy Parents – Happy Kids.

What are your top 5 essential items to have ready to go when baby arrives?

  1. Nappy Bag Fully Loaded
  2. Bodysuits
  4. Bassinet
  5. Car Seat

    Lauren’s bubbly personality is completely infectious, which is why we LOVE following her adventures in life and parenthood onInstagram, Facebook and on her beautiful brand-new website

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