Real Parent Stories with Laura

Meet Laura, a single mum from the Sutherland Shire. Laura’s little man Henry has just turned two and, according to mum, going on twenty!

What were your first thoughts and feelings after your baby was born?

I had an emergency c section so I was very distressed and absolutely exhausted. I remember leaving the hospital after five days, looking around me and waiting for someone to stop me going home. I couldn’t believe I was allowed to just leave with that tiny little human and no instruction manual!

Did you settle quickly into a routine with your baby? If so, do you think it worked well for you?

Shortly after I got home with Henry he revealed to me that he had absolutely no intention of sleeping. EVER. Routine was just not even an option with him - I tried and failed many times. I convinced myself he was broken and I swear there were times I would have returned him if I could!

How soon after your baby was born did you begin to swaddle your baby?

I had initially had Henry wrapped with his arms down, which is what the nurses at the hospital taught me. I found it really distressed him, and it came to the point where I would wrap his first arm across his chest and he would immediately throw a world class tantrum because he knew sleep was to follow soon afterward. I put him in his first love to dream swaddle at 12 weeks - and I’m not religious but I was praying for its success!

How did you come to know about LOVE TO DREAM™?

My amazing neighbour at the time was a super mum of two, and love to dream swaddles have been her go-to baby shower gift since they changed her life! I was busy buying myself designer baby clothes and she was shaking her head at me and throwing swaddles in my face!

Do you feel like using the LOVE TO DREAM™ range of products has made a positive impact on you and your baby's sleep?

Love To Dream™ literally saved my life. Henry has never been a good sleeper but the little that he did have was due to the SWADDLE UP™. Even when I took him out of them he would sleep with his little arms up like wings because he was so used to it!

What is the one thing you wish you'd known before you became a parent?

I wish I knew how hard it was going to be, and that it’s totally normal to feel like you’re failing.

Three words to describe life before parenthood and three to describe life after becoming a parent?

Before: Carefree, career focused, flexible

After: Messy, challenging, fulfilling

What is the one piece of advice you’d offer new parents or parents-to-be?

Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are the perfect parent for your baby boy or girl, no one else can love them like you can.

What are your top 5 essential items to have ready to go when baby arrives?

  1. The LOVE TO DREAM SWADDLE UP™ (seriously, this is not a plug)!
  4. Netflix
  5. A good baby carrier (gotta get out for that coffee!)

We LOVE Laura’s honest portrayal of parenthood, which she shares in hilarious entries on her blog and Instagram feed. 

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