Winter Stock Delay Update

11/7/22 - UPDATED DUE TO FURTHER DELAYS: The shipment due end of July has now been further delayed to mid-August; however, another shipment that was scheduled after this will now be arriving before it (first week of August) and will have 1.0 TOG and 2.5 TOG Swaddles and 1.0 TOG Transition Bags.

We are so sorry for the inconvenience to you and your families that may come from our winter shipment arriving so late this year. 

Shanghai Lockdown

The stock was first held up by delays at the production factory, but then just as the shipment was ready to depart from the Shanghai port in April, a 6-week long Covid-related lockdown began in Shanghai, preventing it from being sent.

It then got on the water in June and we were hoping to have it with us by now, but it has been further delayed due to transshipping schedule changes in Singapore. It is now likely to only be here mid-August (date adapted on 11/7/22). 

But the additional shipment (our shipments would usually be approx. 34 months apart) was sent around the same time as the delayed one, and now will beat it here to port (e.t.a. early August). Fortunately, this shipment also contains some of our winter essentials. 

Baby Expo Discount Offer

If you saw us at one of the Baby Expos around the country and picked up a discount code, please note that this is now valid until 18th August, to allow time for purchasing once the stock is live (estimated to be a week prior at the latest, but with some stock live from early August).  

Incoming Stock

We have a range of exciting new prints and colours landing in our upcoming shipments that we can’t wait to share with you. Sign up to receive our newsletter on our website, or follow us on Instagram @lovetodreamnewzealand and Facebook Love to Dream (NZ) to be the first to sneak a peek!


Pre-Orders Updated 12/7/22

We won't be offering pre-orders anymore, so please just keep your eyes peeled on social media for when your favourite items go live.


Again, our apologies for the wait and we thank you for your patience. We hope you are keeping warm this Winter so far, one way or another!

The Team at Love to Dream NZ x