How Many Swaddles Do I Need?

Parents often get started with one Love To Dream Swaddle UP™ to see if it helps their little one to sleep, but once they discover the amazing sleep saving results, they soon realise they need more! So, just how many swaddles does a baby need? Here, we share our formula…

Wash, wear and spare if you can!

One thing is certain… babies can be messy! For something so small, they create a huge amount of laundry, and swaddles or sleep suits are no exception. From leaky nappies to milky spit up’s, there are a lot of reasons to wash your Swaddle UP™ or sleep suit regularly. Keeping your Swaddle UP™ or sleep suit clean will also help prevent dust mites which can lead to allergies and we all know the joy of fresh bedding, so regular washing will help your little one to feel cosy night after night.

This can cause problems if you only have one Swaddle UP™ though, imagine the horror if you go to put your little one to bed and realise you forgot to put the swaddle on the dryer! When you are tired and busy trying to adapt to the new routine of parenthood, washing and drying often slips down the priority list. So even if you are normally regimented with your washing, don’t be surprised if this goes out the window in those first few months (or years!)

There is also the small (and surprisingly common!) issue of the mid-night nappy explosion. You know the drill; you’ve just got your little one off to sleep after their nighttime feed and you hear them make that tell-tale noise. You might be lucky enough to catch it in time, but inevitably these nighttime nappy changes end up being an altogether messier affair. The last thing you want is to have to put your baby back to bed without the comforting routine of their favourite swaddle, so it is a great idea to have a spare in the drawer for these occasions to avoid the rest of the night being ruined by a restless baby.

You need a Swaddle Up™ to wash, one to wear and a spare if you can!

Our rule of three means that you will always have the ideal number of swaddles for your baby without the need to stress over turning around your washing within a day. If your little one suffers from colic or reflux then you might want to get a couple more spares to cover you against nighttime spit-up’s, but for most families three works great.