Warm Transition Bag Safari Pack - 1.0 & 2.5 TOG
Warm Transition Bag Safari Pack - 1.0 & 2.5 TOG
Warm Transition Bag Safari Pack - 1.0 & 2.5 TOG
Warm Transition Bag Safari Pack - 1.0 & 2.5 TOG
Warm Transition Bag Safari Pack - 1.0 & 2.5 TOG

Warm Transition Bag Safari Pack - 1.0 & 2.5 TOG

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Keep your little one warm as they transition to arms-free sleep in the colder days and nights. Our Warm Transition Bag Pack helps you ensure your ready-to-roll baby has a smooth transition from being swaddled to sleeping arms-free day and night.


1 x Swaddle Up™ Transition Bag Warm 2.5 TOG - Safari
1 x Swaddle Up™ Transition Bag Designer 1.0 TOG - Lion

Available in two sizes: Medium & Large

You can either select the same size for both Transition Bags or have one of each – we leave that up to you! See Size Chart for measurements.

Preserve your precious sleep routine when it’s time to transition.

As soon as your baby starts showing signs of trying to roll, you must transition to “arms-free” sleep. This change can be upsetting for some babies, but there is a way to help ease the transition and keep your baby settled as they sleep.

The Swaddle Up™ Transition Bag 2.5 TOG helps your baby to gradually adjust to sleeping un-swaddled, while providing them with cosy warmth for winter.

Simply unzip one ‘wing’ – either as baby sleeps or when dressing them – for a few sleep cycles to help your baby get used to the sensation of sleeping with one arm free. When they seem well-adjusted, complete the transition by removing the second wing, and you’ll be able to continue using the garment as a sleeping bag!


2.5 TOG: This fabric is perfect for cool climates & ideal for room temperatures between 16°C & 20°C. Fabric content: Outer & Lining: 93% Cotton 7% Elastane, Filling: 100% Viscose (From Bamboo). Built-in quilted blanket for superior warmth & comfort – viscose filling is naturally temperature regulating. Front and back quilting for warm sleep on tummy or back.

1.0 TOG: This fabric is perfect for mid climates & ideal for room temperatures between 20°C & 24°C. Fabric content: 93% Cotton, 7% Elastane. Single layer of fabric across chest to reduce risk of overheating.

  • Gentler way to help your baby graduate from swaddling
  • Patented zip-off wings for a gentle transition
  • Converts to a snug sleeping bag, maintaining the secure feeling of being swaddled
  • Certified ‘hip-healthy’ design allows the recommended flexion for hips & legs
  • Twin zipper for easy nappy changes
  • No loose layers to kick off during sleep
  • Can be used to transition from any type of swaddle
  • Easy care: Machine washable & tumble dryer friendly – tumble dry inside out on second cycle for quicker drying
  • Easy care: See Care Instructions

    Swaddle Up™ Size Guide
    Love to Dream Swaddle Up - Size Chart - Newborn, Small, & Medium

    Select size according to your child’s weight, not their age. Use from birth until your baby shows signs of trying to roll over.

    Swaddle Up™ Transition Bags & Suits Size Guide
    Size Guide for Love to Dream Swaddle - Stage 2: Ready to Roll (Transition)
    Select size according to your child’s weight, not their age. Use to transition your baby from swaddling to arms-free sleep. 

    Sleep Suit™ Size Guide
    Love to Dream NZ - Sleep Suit Size Guide.
    Sleep Bag™ Size Guide
    Size Guide for Love to Dream Swaddle - Stage 3: On the Move (Independent Sleep)

    Select size based on the length/height of your child, not their age. Use from 6 months, once baby is on-the-move and sleeping independently. 

    Romper Size Guide
    Romper size guide at Love to Dream NZ.
    Select size based on the length/height of your child, not their age. The rompers can be worn as a fitted layer under all swaddles, sleep bags and sleep suits or just as an everyday item for your young one. 
    For more information on sizing at Love to Dream, please see our Size Charts & Information page.

    Choosing the right TOG for your baby's room temperature

    Our sleep garments are given a TOG rating (Thermal Overall Grade) according to the warmth they provide. The four different TOG ratings at Love to Dream™ are: 0.2 TOG (Lite), 1.0 TOG (All Year), 2.5 TOG (Warm) & 3.5 TOG (Extra Warm).
    What is a TOG rating? TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grade and is a unit of measurement for insulation and warmth of sleepwear and bedding. Please note: As seasons change – or if you experience any significant change in weather and temperature – we advise that you monitor your baby more closely and follow our clothing and temperature recommendations below, whether by dressing baby in warmer/cooler layers underneath or in a different TOG-rated garment.

    Recommended Clothing By Temperature

    Love to Dream TOG Ratings and Sleepwear Recommendations

    Disclaimer: The table is only a guide, and it is important to note that all babies are different. The appropriate number of clothing layers may vary according to a baby's health, their physiology and the room temperature in the room. The care-giver must determine what is suitable.

    For additional recommendations and safety considerations, please see our TOG Guide.

        How to care for your Love to Dream sleepwear

        When to wash:

        • Wash before first use.
        • Wash garment immediately if it becomes soiled in any way (vomit, reflux, or leaky nappy, etc.)
        • Wash immediately after every use if your baby chews, sucks, or drools on the garment (check the neckline & wings/cuff mittens).
        • Otherwise, washing after every couple of sleeps is a good guideline to follow. This is up to a parent’s discretion.  

        How to wash:

        • Close zipper before washing.
        • Warm & gentle machine wash in wash bag with similar colours.
        • Pull into shape after washing, before tumble drying/line drying.
        • Tumble dry on low.
        • Any garment with a TOG rating of 2.5 or higher – tumble dry inside out on second cycle for quicker drying.
        • Warm iron if necessary.
        • Do not soak or bleach garment, iron the zip, or dry clean.

          Safety Instructions

          Please see our Safe Sleep Guidelines for essential information on how to keep your child safe as they sleep. 

          Please note: The Love to Dream range has Fire Hazard Labelling on the packaging to comply with AS/NZS 1249:2014 (New Zealand Product Safety Standards for children's nightwear). These warnings alert parents to the risk of fire danger and urge you to keep your child away from heat and flame when they are wearing the garment. 


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          Please note that our shipping costs – whether charged or free in the original purchase – may be deducted from the total value of your refund. We also reserve the right to decline a return that does not meet our criteria.

          For more information, please see our Returns & Exchanges page.

          Why Swaddle Up™?

          Unlike traditional swaddles, the design of Love to Dream's Swaddle Up™ supports a newborn's natural Arms Up™ sleep position, observed even in the womb.

          Studies have found that babies like to settle themselves by bringing their hands to their mouths and rubbing their cheeks – Self-Soothing™ instincts that result in better sleep, for longer.

          Buyer's Guide

          In our Ultimate Swaddle Guide, we walk you through our Wash, Wear & Spare formula and give you all our best tips when it comes to buying the right quantity, size, and TOG for your baby.

          Where it began

          Love to Dream™ is a market leader in designing innovative sleep systems for babies. Created by mother Hana-Lia Krawchuk and launched in 2009, the Love to Dream™ range was invented from necessity – hint: major sleep deprivation! Check out the story of our brand, which is now loved globally.



          SWADDLE UP™ - LITE

          After a couple of weeks of our little girl wriggling out of her swaddle, we tried the Love To Dream and haven't looked back.

          She won't go to sleep properly now unless she's in it, and putting her in it immediately calms her down - she knows it's time to sleep. Have since purchased two more in different sizes. Thanks!

          Kate H.

          SWADDLE UP™
          My baby loves the Love to Dream swaddles – I do too!! They are so easy to use, great fit for baby, allows them to self soothe, they wash & dry great and have great colours and prints. The 2 way zippers are so functional. Love “Love to Dream".

          Emma F.

          Amazing quality products, love the options for transition. My babies sleep peacefully and are able to soothe themselves with their hands rubbing their face, rather than hands being stuck to their sides. Love these things!

          Bec S.

          SWADDLE UP™

          Best swaddles – second to none for comfort, durability and ease of putting baby in the swaddle quickly.

          Jess K.

          SWADDLE UP™

          My little granddaughter was premmie and her mum had trouble settling her at night. The first night in her Love to Dream swaddle and she settled straight away and has done since then. Thank you!

          Maxine M.

          Love Love to Dream. Little one sleeps much better in the suits and I don’t have to worry about blankets covering her face through the night.

          Ali K.

          SWADDLE UP™
          My 1 month old son has been wearing these since 2 weeks old and omg I can never look back! He sleeps so peacefully and happy and BONUS no loose blankets in his bassinet. Definitely will be buying transitional and toddlers ones as he grows. I have recommended these to all my friends. Absolutely IN LOVE. Wish I had them with my other two kids.


          So comfortable and warm!! My son now sleeps through the night again as he doesn’t wake up in the middle of the night freezing next to his blankets.

          Melinda K.

          The best way to get a good night sleep is a bedtime routine! We have 2 must have's for this! White noise and our love to dream swaddles! I love the soft cuddly material, easy to wash and that double zip is LIFE!

          Jessica L.

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