What is a TOG rating?

TOG stands for ‘Thermal Overall Grade’, which is a unit of measurement used to calculate the thermal insulation of a product, usually in the textile industry.


Our sleep garments are given a TOG rating according to the warmth they provide. Basically the higher the TOG, the warmer the product.

To help parents understand which TOG values are right for differing room temperatures, a set of guidelines has been established as per below:

  • 0.2 TOG – ideal for room temperatures between 24°C and 27°C
  • 1.0 TOG – ideal for room temperatures between 20°C to 24°C
  • 2.5 TOG – ideal for room temperatures between 16°C to 20°C
  • 3.5 TOG – ideal for room temperatures below 16°C

The table below provides you with guidelines around how to dress your baby based on the room temperature. The table is only a guide. All babies are different. The number of clothing layers may vary according to a baby’s health, their physiology & the temperature in the room. The care-giver must determine what is suitable.

It is important to check your baby regularly to ensure that they are comfortable and that they do not overheat. 

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