The LOVE TO DREAM™ Hip Harness Swaddles

Sleep deprivation is challenging for any family, however, if you’re a parent of the ‘1 in 50’ Australian babies being treated for Hip Dysplasia* , it can be overwhelming & really difficult to find a sleep solution for your child.

Of those infants diagnosed with ‘Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip’ (DDH), 92% need to wear a brace or harness at some stage during their treatment process**, which essentially leaves parents with very few options; until now.

We, as a team, to launch a ‘Hip Harness’ friendly swaddle range, for babies using a Hip Dysplasia harness or brace.

The LOVE TO DREAM™ SWADDLE UP™ Hip Harness Swaddle & SWADDLE UP™ TRANSITION BAG Hip Harness swaddles have been approved as Hip Wise by ‘Healthy Hips Australia’. They are based on our award-winning and patented ARMS UP™ design for self-soothing & feature a wider base so that they can be worn over a Pavlik Harness, Denis Browne Bar (DBB) or a Rhino Brace.

Our original SWADDLE UP™ collection has been proven to almost double infants’ average sleep time to nearly 7.5 hours***, and as Hana our founder confirms “we’re confident that, by giving babies with Hip Dysplasia a more comfortable way to sleep, the new LOVE TO DREAM™ Hip Harness Swaddles will be similarly life changing for their families.”

Awareness of ‘Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip’ is low; 48% of parents have never heard of this common childhood condition. So, to help champion this very worthwhile cause; we have teamed up with ‘Healthy Hips Australia’ to help raise awareness amongst all families during ‘Healthy Hips Week’; from April 8 th-14th 2008.

Please share this with your friends and family & help us to raise awareness of ‘Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip’, that there are sleep solutions to help.

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For more on ‘Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip’, visit Healthy Hips Australia.

* Source: 2015 Annual Report of the WA Register of Developmental Abnormalities

** Source: Healthy Hips Australia survey with a nationally representative sample of 644 parents whose children were impacted by hip dysplasia, conducted in February 2017

*** Source: Love to Dream survey with a nationally representative sample of 1,242 Love to Dream customers, July 2017

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